Independent Contractors (Class Instructor)

The Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District (FORPD) is currently seeking instructors to offer fun and exciting recreational and educational classes to our community. FORPD offers a wide variety of recreational programs to citizens of all ages. These programs can take place in District parks and facilities, as well as in your own location if a local business.

As a Leisure Enrichment Independent Contractor you will enter into a Recreation Services Agreement with FORPD.  As a Contract Instructor if your program is held in a District facility, you will receive 60% of all registration fees (minus added district fees) and the District will retain 40% of the total monies collected from your course .. If your program is held in your own facility, you will receive 70% of all registration fees (minus added district fees) and the District will retain 30% of the total monies collected from your course.  The Contract Instructor and Leisure Enrichment Coordinator will determine a mutually agreed upon course fee.  All registration fees are collected and deposited by FORPD.

What can the FORPD offer you as an Instructor?

*   The District has great facilities. We have facilties, auditoriums and parks available for Leisure Enrichment courses. These facilities are   maintained to assure the comfort of instructors and participants.

*  The District will place your class description in our Activity Guide, The Roost, which is distributed to more than 16,000 customers three times a year.

*  The District uses a technologically advanced computer registration system.  The “ActiveNet” system allows us to maintain facility booking for your class and to process registrations in an efficient manner.  Instructors receive attendance reports, waitlist reports and we maintain the database to provide participant main contacts from all classes.  Participants can register through the internet for classes and programs.

*  We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard for payments.  We offer registration through four easy customer friendly ways including:  mail, online registration, fax, in person, or over the phone if currently enrolled in a program.

*  See the online version of our Activity Guide to view classes offered

*  Click here for a Class Activity Proposal Form

Leisure Enrichment Independent Contractor Handbook

Please review the information within the PDF Leisure Enrichment Independent Contractor Handbook (pdf) to acquaint your self with the program.  The Leisure Enrichment Independent Contractor Handbook is a resource of information related to teaching a “fee” course for the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District.

 Still have questions? For all classes, contact Sabrina at

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