Fair Oaks Park Planter Project 2012

Project Title: Fair Oaks Park Planter Project

Eagle Scout: Taylor Whedon

Project Start Date: Approved on November 16th, 2011. Project work began the beginning of January 2012

Project Completion Date: January 21st, 2012

Project Description: Scout member Taylor Whedon contacted District staff in September of 2011 requesting a project that Mr. Whedon could complete as a required step of becoming an Eagle Scout. District staff created a list of projects that could be completed by potential Eagle Scouts. Mr. Whedon chose the Fair Oaks Park Planter Project as his Eagle Scout project. The project area is located between the restrooms and maintenance yard at Fair Oaks Park. The project was identified by District staff as an area that needed improvements due to the river rock needing to be removed, as well as the need for mulch, plants, and an updated irrigation system.

Q: How long have you been involved with Eagle Scouts?

A: I have been a Boy Scout since I was 11 years old.

Q: How did you get started with your involvement?

A: My church has all of the kids become part of the Scout program; so as soon as I turned eleven (11) I was placed in Scouts.

Q: Why did you choose the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District as the place to complete your project?

    A: I chose FORPD for my project because of the ease to work with you guys. You provided all of the materials and gave a rough draft of the work you wanted done. From there I was able to do the plan that I came up with.

    Q: Year in school?

      A: This is my last year of high school.

      Q: School you currently attend?

        A: Casa Roble

        Q: Anything additional you might want us to highlight?

          A: I would like to tell any kids reading this that are Scouts to just keep at it. If they are thinking about quitting, because of other things (Sports, school, etc.), and feel like they can’t finish Scouts and get their Eagle, they should keep at it. Just chip away at it little by little. During my six (6) years of Scouts, I had to balance Scouts with football, basketball, school, and work sometimes. If I could do it anyone can.

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