Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District’s newest offering, this combines the best of the “social sports” into a tournament style of play with the winners receiving a Pizza Party. The offerings are all Co-ed: Bubble Soccer, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Tri-Net Volleyball. All tournaments will be a round robin style of play with plenty of bang for your buck! Gather your friends and family or sign up as an individual and play your favorites! In addition to the hours of fun, excitement and mingling every participant will receive discounts to a local eatery in Fair Oaks to continue the good times with teammates and opponents. Play one, or play all!

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is best described as a cross between bumper cars and soccer. This is a great workout that is also hilarious and fun! This exhilarating sport will have you feeling like a kid again. Come join us for a new way to play, tournament style! Running into people at full speed has never been so much fun! 

Sport Overview                                            Details

5 players each side                                                          Dates: Check back for 2017 schedule Three 6-Minute Periods                                                   Times: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm 3-Minute break between periods                                      Fee: Team $100, Individual $20 Running clock                                                                   Sign up to reserve your spot today! 2 game guarantee



Kickball is not just the game you played as a kid, it is just as fun to play as an adult! A simple sport for anyone to play while enjoying the social aspect of this fun sport.  Fair Oaks Kickball is for all talent levels. Let's see how far you can kick that little red ball!

Sport Overview                                             Details

4 teams                                                                              Dates: Check back for 2017 schedule 9 players per team                                                             Times: 6:30pm – 9:00pm 4 innings or 30 minute time limit                                        Fee: Team $90, Individual $10 3 game guarantee                                                         Sign up to reserve your spot today!


Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is an intense sport that also is very newcomer friendly. This recent addition to the pro sport family is similar to football in style of play but non-contact and very easy to learn. It combines speed, grace and throwing skills in a fast paced environment. It is simple to play and loads of fun!

Sport Overview                                            Details

4-6 Teams                                                                         Dates: Check back for 2017 schedule 4 players each team                                                         Times: 6:00pm – 9:00pm Each game is 12 serves per team                                    Fee: Team $60, Individual $15 3 game guarantee, 2 playoff rounds                            Sign up to reserve your spot today!



Tri-Net Volleyball

Played outdoors at our signature Fair Oaks Park, this twist on traditional volleyball uses a 3 net system for even more fun! Played with 3 teams of 4, the anticipation of whether the ball is coming into your section keeps you on your toes and glued into the excitement of this strategic game. The scoring is unlike regular volleyball, so make sure you check out the rules.

Sport Overview                                             Details

4 Teams                                                                            Dates: Check back for 2017 schedule 5 players each team                                                         Times: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Two 10- Minute halves                                                     Fee: Team $75, Individual $15 3-Minute halftime                                                        Sign up to reserve your spot today! Running clock 3 game guarantee


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