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General Outdoor Rental Information

Are you looking for that special place for a memorable birthday party, family reunion or company picnic? Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District has just the place for you! The District has picnic and barbecue areas perfect for your group. Whatever your needs may be, Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District has a place for you.

4 Easy Steps to Renting a Facility

  • 1. Check the availability of the date you are interested in by calling or visiting our District Office at 916-966-1036 during the hours between 8 am and 5 pm.
  • 2. If the date is available, fill out an outdoor rental application and pay the full amount to reserve the date you are interested in.
  • 3. All renters are required to sign a District rental agreement. This agreement informs renters of all their responsibilities. The person or organization named on the facility rental application assumes all responsibility for use of the rented outdoor facility.
  • 4. Have your special event!

Interested in Renting Open Space in Park for a Large Event

Park Rental Event Proposal Guideline

If you are interested in renting the Park for a large event, festival or fair, an event proposal must be completed and turned in at least one year prior to your event date.  The proposal should include the items listed below.  Please feel free to add additional information that might be helpful.  Once the proposal has been received and reviewed, District staff will contact you within three weeks.  A price cannot be quoted until the proposal has been approved by the District Administrator.  Please turn in the proposal to the District Office located at 4150 Temescal Street in Fair Oaks, Ca  95628 (Attn: Sabrina Bernardo)

1.)   Name of Event

2.)   An overview of the event

3.)   What is the purpose of the event?

4.)   How does the community of Fair Oaks benefit from this event?

5.)   First, Second and Third choice for dates of the event

6.)   Time(s) of the event

7.)   How many people are expected?

8.)   Is there a charge to get in, and if so how much?

9.)   First, Second, and Third choice for park. (Village Park, Plaza Park, or Fair Oaks Park)

10.)  What part of the park would you want to use (map)?

11.)  What type of entertainment will there be (i.e. food & craft vendors, microbrews,   bands, inflatable’s, kids area, etc)?

12.)  If selling alcohol, what is your plan for security and getting an ABC permit?

13.)  If selling food, what is your plan for getting the proper health permits?

14.)  What is your plan for obtaining a fire permit (for fairs/events/festivals, etc)?

15.)  Will there be amplified sound, if so what type?

16.)  What type of equipment will be brought into the park?

17.)  What type of equipment would you need from the Park District (i.e canopies, tables, chairs, generator, stage, etc)?

18.)  What is your plan for providing a certificate of insurance that names the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District as additionally insured (at least $2,000,000.00)?

19.)  How do you plan to promote and advertise the event?

20.)  If planning over 250 people what is your plan for bringing in extra restrooms?

21.)  What are your Parks staffing needs (i.e. help setting up, running extra electricity, garbage, restroom stocked, etc.)

22.)  What is your Emergency and Safety Plan?

23.)  What is your agency contact information?

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Fair Oaks Park BBQ Area
Fair Oaks BBQ Area
11549 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Miller Park BBQ Area
Miller Park BBQ Area
8480 Sunset Avenue
Fair Oaks Park
Fair Oaks Park

Fair Oaks Park, 11549 Fair Oaks Blvd

Village Park
Village Park

Village Park, 4238 Main Street

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