Plaza Park, Village Park, and Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse Park Master Plan

In 2012, the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District completed the process of developing a Park Master Plan to guide future improvements at Plaza Park, Village Park, and Fair Oaks Community Clubhouse. Preferred Concept Plan   Public workshops were held on August 16th (user groups and  heavy users) and 24th (community) in an effort to gauge constituent interests and desires and gather input from the Fair Oaks populace. The slide show presented at these workshops can be viewed HERE. An observational view of the affected area for the Park Master Plan can be viewed  by clicking HERE. Callander Associates, the District's Master Plan Consultant, took the input from the August meetings and formulated two alternative plans to be presented at the Public Workshop on Monday, October 3rd, 2011.  These two plans can be viewed below, or in larger form here (Alternative 1) (Alternative 2) For a summary of the 8/16 User Group meeting, click HERE. For a summary of the 8/24 Community Workshop, click HERE. For a summary of the 10/3 Community Workshop, click HERE. To review the project's issues memo, click HERE. To review the complete Park Master Plan, approved by the FORPD Board of Directors on 2/15/12, please click on any of the links below. The document has been split into sections for easy reference. 1 - Cover and Table of Contents 2 - Executive Summary 3 - History 4 - Site Setting 5 - Design Considerations 6 - Park Master Plan 7 - Implementation Strategy 8 - Appendix A Alternative Plans 9 - Appendix B Cost Estimates 10 - Appendix C Meeting Summaries 11 - Appendix D Preferred Concept Plan 12 - Appendix D Preferred Concept Sections 13 - Appendix D Concept Circulation Plan 14 - Appendix D Concept Lighting Plan 15 - Appendix D Concept Planting Plan 16 - Appendix D Concept Grading Plan 17 - Appendix D Concept Phasing Plan 18 - Appendix E Property Ownership

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