Chicken Festival

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Fair Oaks Chicken Festival logo

The Fair Oaks Chicken Festival is a celebration of our rural history and present village atmosphere.

The Village of Fair Oaks, colonized around 1895, was home to orange and citrus groves as well as olive orchards and assorted farm animals and, without a doubt, chickens were among them.

Today the Fair Oaks chickens enjoy the freedom and hospitality of the village they call home. They, along with their human counterparts, attend the Thursday night summer concerts in the park. They can be found crowing their appreciation for a good performance at the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival. They gather in front of the local pub and other village businesses and even drop in for a bite with diners on the patio of one of Sacramento County’s better known restaurants. They have been the subject of television and radio stories as well as local newspaper and magazine articles. In short, they are a part of our history and lore and love ‘em or curse ‘em they are a very real part of everyday life in the village they call home.

An estimated 15,000 people attended this one day event last September!

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