FORPD Employee of the Year

EOTY Ian Roberts 2012 Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District – Employee of the Year Employee: Ian Roberts Department: Recreation Division Current Position: Recreation Leader I Years with the District: 2 years Highlights of Ian’s Work for the District in 2012 Recreation Department Recreation Miscellaneous: Ian was accepted as the District’s Intern two years ago, which is where his relationship first began. Ian was fresh out of college and new to the parks and recreation world. Over the 4-6 months Ian served as the District’s Intern, it was very clear that he possessed the key elements of a true parks and recreation professional, which are dedication, positivity, community loyalty, passion, and an overall love for the outdoors and living an active lifestyle. After Ian completed his internship, he was hired on as a part-time employee and has been working for the District ever since. Ian has become the official “GO TO GUY” for almost everything and he almost always says yes. He has been the primary face of the part-time recreation staff and always comes to work with a smile on his face willing to help in any way that he can, even if it’s 2-3 hours of laminating flyers and signs. For all these reasons and so much more, it is with great pleasure that we recognize Ian Roberts as the 2012 Employee of the Year. Preschool: Ian has been assisting at the Preschool for over a year now and has been a great addition to the program. Ian fills in as the substitute teacher when the Preschool Teacher cannot teach class and all of the parents and kids love having him there. When Ian was recently recognized for covering the Preschool as the substitute Teacher, Ian responded saying, “Honestly Katy, the reason I make myself available to FORPD is because of the staff and community. I feel like you guys would do the same for me and I just enjoy working with you guys.” As stated by Katy Albers, Recreation Superintendent, “Ian’s dedication and commitment to both his professional and personal development still amazes me. Ian is just an enjoyable person to work with. He possesses that “SPARK” that only few have and I know he is going to make an impact on the agency he works for and the parks and recreation profession.” Summer Camp: Ian was one of two Recreation Lead Counselors for the 2012 Summer Camp Program. As a Lead Counselor, Ian made a significant impact on the campers and his fellow staff members through his contagious positive attitude and dedicated energy towards the program. Ian loved taking the kids on fields trips, playing four-square, organizing talent shows, and getting the kids outside, but most of all, Ian had a blast getting the kids to sing and yell “GOOD MORNING” to the District’s full-time staff when they drove by summer camp each day on their way into work. Special Events: Ian truly shines when he is assisting with one of the District many special events. Every time we call Ian to see if he can help at an event, he says YES almost immediately and he shows up at the event with a big smile, ready to have a great day! Ian has been the face of the District at almost every event we present and he has even taken the lead on a few of our smaller events such as Cookies with Santa, Teddy Bear Tea Party, and the information booth at Fiesta Days. Ian’s biggest accomplishment was when he took the lead as the organizer of the Kids Park for the Fair Oaks Chicken Festival event in September. “It seems like when there’s a hole Ian is willing to take on the challenge of filling it. Ian had no problem taking on the kid’s park at chicken festival and he did a GREAT job! He’s always ready to fill in at the front desk at the last minute. He takes the extra step to help customer’s get the information they need. Ian has made a big difference working here in every department, even pulling trash in Parks!” as stated by Robert Matthews, Parks & Facilities Superintendent. Administration Department Front Desk: "Ian has been a great help at the front desk. I can't say enough good things about him! He's consistently made himself available to the often unforeseeable scheduling needs of the front desk. At a moment's notice, Ian will be at the desk, saving the day many times. He is extremely knowledgeable and demonstrates the ability to work independently. He is determined to give our customers and constituents the best possible information and service. He always goes the extra mile to ensure that each person leaves the office satisfied and happy. He always has a smile on his face and will continue to be successful in the Recreation field. He is deserving of this honor and many others." - Kris Borders, Administrative Services Coordinator

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